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LAT credit

Effective from 1 August 2014

If you have completed a Locum Appointment for Training (LAT) you may have this post-credited towards your training overall, subject to the following rules and guidance:

  • Credit for LAT posts must be considered at the start of training by the HEE local office that has issued the national training number for specialty training. The decision made must be recorded at the first ARCP and the completion date amended accordingly. It is not possible to ask for credit for LAT appointments after the first ARCP has passed.
  • The LAT appointment must have been for more than 3 months unless it is seamlessly (ie no delay between exiting LAT and commencing the new post) linked to the current specialty appointment, or another LAT post in the same deanery and programme.
  • The LAT must take place in a programme approved in the same specialty(ies) as the current specialty appointment.
  • There must be appropriate evidence of exploration of appropriate curriculum competencies and workplace based assessments (miniCEX, CbD, DOPs, etc) recorded on the ePortfolio. This should be in line with the requirements of the ARCP decision aid.
  • For any LAT post of 12 months duration, an ARCP outcome 7.1 and an educational supervisor's report for the LAT post must be viewable on the ePortfolio and confirm satisfactory progression against the curriculum.
  • If the LAT post is less than 12 months in duration and does not coincide with ARCPs then the educational supervisor's report for that period must be viewable on the ePortfolio.
  • More than 12 months credit may be gained for LATs as long as appropriate progression against the curriculum is confirmed eg the second year of LAT was agreed as equivalent to ST4 by the ARCP panel.
  • If the credit is approved and then subsequently removed at the request of the trainee, ARCP panel or LETB it cannot be reinstated at a later date.
  • Entry onto the specialist register cannot be obtained through LAT appointments only (see Gold Guide for details).