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Decision aids

Annual Review of Competence Progression (ARCP)

The Annual Review of Competence Progression (ARCP) is the formal method by which a trainee's progression through their training programme is monitored and recorded as described in the Gold Guide. Deaneries/HEE local offices are responsible for organising and conducting ARCPs.The evidence to be reviewed by ARCP panels should be collected in the trainee's ePortfolio.

ARCP Decision Aids

ARCP Decision Aids define the targets that have to be achieved for a satisfactory ARCP outcome at the end  of each training year for internal medicine training (IMT), core medical training (CMT) and higher medical training. Trainees on a dual CCT programmes with General Internal Medicine (GIM) should use the GIM decision aid in addition to their specialty version. ARCP decision aids will be revised to reflect curricula amendments and the documents below are the most current versions. Where a new curriculum has been implemented and there is a transition period there will be two versions of the ARCP decision aid. Trainees should ensure they use the correct version. 


ARCP decision aids for IMT and ACCS

The decision aid and guidance below should be used for IM Stage 1 in 20223 in light of the ongoing impact of the pandemic.

IMT ARCP Decision Aid 2019 curriculum (updated Sept 2023)

IMT ARCP guidance for 2023

The decision aid for trainees in the first two years of an ACCS-Internal Medicine programme are available on the ACCS website.

ARCP decision aids for 2021 and 2022 curricula

Please see the individual specialty webpage for the ARCP decision aid for the new curriculum implemented in 2021 and 2022.

ARCP decision aids for 2021 and 2022 curricula

Core Medical Training 
Acute Internal MedicineAllergy
Audiovestibular MedicineAviation and Space Medicine
Cardiology (2022 derogation)Clinical Genetics
Clinical NeurophysiologyClinical Phamacology and Therapeutics
DermatologyEndo and Diabetes
Gastroenterology and HepatologyGeneral Internal Medicine

GUM (2022 derogation)

GUM post Aug-2022

Geriatric Medicine
Infectious diseasesMedical Oncology
Medical OphthalmologyMetabolic Medicine
NeurologyNuclear Medicine
Paediatric Cardiology

Palliative Medicine (2021 derogation)

Palliative Medicine

Pharmaceutical MedicineRehabilitation Medicine
Renal MedicineRespiratory Medicine single CCT
Respiratory Medicine dual CCTRheumatology
Sport and Exercise MedicineStroke Medicine
Tropical Medicine