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Going Out of programme

Deaneries authorise trainees to go out of programme and we endorse any credit being sought.

Out of Programme (OOP) applications will need further approval from the GMC if the programme does not appear on their approved list of sites.

Credit towards training can only be sought for the following:

OOPT – Clinical training

OOPR – Research

Credit cannot be sought for the following:

OOPE – Experience

OOPC – Career break/sick leave

For any OOP application seeking credit, 8 weeks’ notice is required otherwise we cannot guarantee a decision will be made a head of your start date.

The GMC have a legal duty to prospectively approve any training programme. OOPs taken place at unapproved sites require further approval from GMC once the OOP application has received our endorsement. If the OOP is at a GMC approved location, it requires no further approval. The deanery is responsible for applying to the GMC if required

Full information about GMC approved sites can be found here.

Documents required to seek credit

  1. Completed JRCPTB Application Form
  2. Deanery Application form and Deanery approval/sign off
  3. CV
  4. Completion date calculator
  5. GMC Programme code/screen shot if applicable (Please see additional guidance)

All of the above should be submitted to

Please ensure the dates on your JRCPTB application, match those outlined in your Deanery application/approval.

Approval from the Speciality Advisory Committee

Once received, all documentation will be forwarded to the specialty advisory committee, who will assess how much credit your application is eligible for. Application can take 4-8 weeks to fully process.

Not seeking credit

All non-credit applications should still be forwarded JRCPTB in order for us to update your training history. We do not require any documentation other than your Deanery application and Deanery approval/sign off.

OOPT (Acting up)

Doctors in training who are acting up will be carrying out a consultant's tasks but with the understanding that they will have a named supervisor at the hosting hospital. Acting up applications cannot apply to locum posts. Doctors in training will need to follow the rules laid down by the Deanery/HEE local office within which they work and also follow our rules below:

  • The term 'acting up' and not locum must be applied
  • Approval from the Postgraduate Dean/Deanery/HEE local office has been given for the appointment
  • You do not need to seek approval from us for a period of acting up
  • Acting up attachments are restricted to the final year of higher specialist training
  • You must have a named supervisor in the hospital where you are attached. They need not necessarily belong to the same specialty but should be from a similar field of practice, and will be available to give advice on administrative, ethical or legal matters