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Fitness to practice

Performance causing concern

Doctor responsibilities

All doctors practising in the UK, including examiners and the Officers of the Royal Colleges of Physicians, are governed by the principles outlined by the UK General Medical Council in the publication Good Medical Practice.

We acknowledge that some good doctors may under perform in exams. However, where there are genuine concerns that a doctor's fitness to practise is called into question by their conduct during the exams, we are duty-bound to inform those to whom the candidate is contractually or professionally responsible.

In exceptional circumstances, where the above can be identified, there will be direct communication with the GMC or a similar professional body.

Reporting procedure

The candidate concerned will be informed by letter if their performance in the exam raised sufficient concern to warrant referral to a sponsor, employer, or professional body. Reporting will normally take place only for consistently poor performance in repeated Clinical Examinations but, in exceptional circumstances, it may take place as a result of concerning performance in a single examination.

Examinations re-entry

Before the candidate may re-enter any part of the MRCP(UK) Examination (or any examination run under the auspices of any of the three Royal Colleges of Physicians of the UK) written evidence must be received from the sponsor, employer or professional body confirming that remedial action has been taken.

It will be for the Chairman of the MRCP(UK) Clinical Examining Board (CEB) to confirm whether the evidence presented is satisfactory to allow re-entry to the exam. The Chairman of the CEB will also be available to consider any representations that the candidate may wish to submit.