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How to complete PACES marksheets

Each candidate receives 16 marksheets at the examination centre.

Before the examination starts you should enter the following details:

  • examination number (found on your admission document)
  • centre number (provided by the Colleges)
  • RCP code

1. Using the 2B pencil provided enter your examination number and centre number correctly:

2. Number boxes should be scored individually and not scored across columns for double digits:

3. Examination/centre numbers of less than four digits must be scored using prefixed zero/s:

Keep the marksheets with you throughout the assessment. Hand the appropriate marksheets to the examiners when you arrive at each station. One sheet to each examiner at Stations 2 and 5, and two sheets to each examiner at Stations 1, 3 and 4.

PACES23 marksheets -

If you do not follow these instructions there may be a delay in the processing of your results.

Instructional videos

Learn more about the pass standard for the 2024/01 assessment period here.


Scoring system