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Training accreditation

Accreditation of International Physician Training

We accredit international internal medicine programmes against an established set of standards drawing on those used for training providers in the UK. This is to support the development of locally delivered, world class UK equivalent competency-based education. The highest level is Level 3 and provides UK equivalent Internal Medicine Training (IMT) Stage 1.


Federation UK IMT International Accreditation. Level 3

This approves training equivalent to the full UK IMT Stage 1. Trainees successfully completing this training programme and passing all parts of MRCP(UK) will fulfil the “experience” criteria required to apply directly for higher specialty training in the United Kingdom, i.e. that their clinical experience and competences would be considered the exact equivalence to someone completing Internal Medicine Training in the UK.


  • Ring-fenced places are offered locally to take the PACES examinations
  • Full use of the UK ePortfolio
  • Those who wish to apply for Higher Specialty Training will be able to go through exactly the same application process as those training in the UK
  • Services or countries achieving level 3 accreditation will have an automatic seat on the relevant JRCPTB UK Advisory Committee for developing the curriculum further. 

Federation International Accreditation. Level 2

This reflects the provision of a detailed local curriculum for the early years of physicianly training with a modern competency based curriculum. All parts of the MRCP(UK) form part of the programme of assessment of the locally determined curricula. The accreditation process will be undertaken using the local curricula as well as relevant generic standards of postgraduate education arrived in part from the UK GMC standards.

Federation preparatory International Accreditation. Level 1

The provision of an organised local training programme that allows candidates to prepare for all parts of the MRCP(UK) examination as part of that training programme. The programme will be assessed against relevant generic standards based on GMC UK standards and will have evidence of an active process of developing and implementing a modern competency based curriculum.

Trainee surveys

We have recently started to undertake short trainee surveys to support the quality management of the level 3 accredited IMT equivalent programmes. So far we have completed a survey at five sites internationally and this information can be generally compared to data collected in the UK by the GMC. Sites that have completed the survey use it locally to discuss improvements to training with both trainees and trainers. We have not found any significant difference in overall responses to those we see in the UK, nor have we found any serious training issues.

International and UK survey results

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