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Sample scenarios

On this page there is a comprehensive range of resources for candidates and examiners to ensure that they are prepared for the new format of PACES (PACES23).

Sample scenarios

Video resources

The following set of informative videos outlines the new 10-minute communication encounters and 20-minute clinical consultations within PACES23. Hear from Dr Stuart Hood, Associate Medical Director for Clinical Examinations, as well as observe several roleplayed scenarios.

IntroductionIntroduction to PACES23
Introducing stations 2 and 5
CommunicationCommunication skills 01 – Examiner consultation
Communication skills 02 – Part 1/2 examiner calibration
Communication skills 02 – Part 2/2 communications and ethics
Communication skills 03 – Candidate consultation
Communication skills 04 - Examiner discussion and mark sheet
Communication skills 05 – Candidate before entering Stations 1 & 4
Communication skills 06 – Examiner and patient pre-discussion
ConsultationConsultation 01 – Examiner discussion
Consultation 02 – Examiner and patient preparation
Consultation 03 – Examiner calibration
Consultation 04 – Examiner calibration summary
Consultation 05 – Candidate examination
Consultation 06 – Examiner results
Consultation 07 – Candidate provided with scenario
Consultation with surrogateConsultation with surrogate 01 – Examiner calibration
Consultation with surrogate 02 – Examiner examination
Consultation with surrogate 03 – Candidate and surrogate
Consultation with surrogate 04 – Examiner and surrogate preparation
Consultation with surrogate 05 – Candidate provided with scenario
Consultation with surrogate 06 – Examiner calibration
Consultation with surrogate 07 – Examiner results

Additionally, please find the written material for the PACES23 scenario videos available below: