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The ePortfolio is a web-based tool that enables trainees to log all evidence of their experience, competencies and courses for their entire medical training period.

The ePortfolio is hosted by NHS Education for Scotland (NES) on behalf of JRCPTB.

Who can use the ePortfolio?

  • All trainees on Internal Medicine Training (IMT), Core Medical Training (CMT), Acute Care Common Stem (ACCS Acute Medicine/Internal Medicine) and Physician Specialty programmes can use the ePortfolio. The ePortfolio has been developed to include specialty specific curricula and assessment forms.
  • All trainees who started training on 1 August 2010 have been mandated to use the ePortfolio.
  • Trainees who started training on 1 August 2007 but before 1 August 2010 may transfer to the ePortfolio. However it is not mandatory for them to switch over if they wish to continue with paper-based assessment. It is imperative that this decision, to continue using paper assessments, is agreed with the local deanery/HEE local office and educational supervisor or programme director.
  • Non-training doctors at an equivalent level to core medical or higher specialty training.
  • SpRs (who began training pre-August 2007) are not required to use the ePortfolio, however, if they wish to use it they can but, are reminded that the ePortfolio has been designed for StRs and therefore, includes the curricula relevant to them and the Workplace-Based Assessments. If they want to switch to the newer curriculum then this must be agreed beforehand by the deanery/HEE local office and Specialist Advisory Committee (SAC) for their specialty.

The GMC issued a statement in November 2012 mandating that all trainees due to complete training after 31 December, 2015 must transfer to the current version of their specialty curriculum and thus may require to be set up on ePortfolio.

Have a question about the ePortfolio? Then see our FAQs.