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CPD Diary FAQs

If I wish to follow the GMC guidance which emphasises the quality of CPD rather than the quantity, do I have to enter the hours claimed?

Yes, until the new CPD Diary is introduced, you will have to enter a figure for this whether you use the Diary itself or the App. The system should force you to do this because without it the synchronisation with the App does not work.  We advise you to download the Reflection Report rather than the Appraisal Report for your appraisal e-portfolio, because although that shows the credits for each CPD entry it does not show the credit recommendations and does not say whether you have met those recommendations.

I wish to follow the GMC guidance which emphasises the quality of CPD rather than the quantity. How does this affect my use of the CPD Diary?

You can still use your CPD Diary but we would recommend you upload your reflection report instead of your appraisal report to your appraisal ePortfolio.

Is there an app version of the CPD diary and if so, how can I access it?

Yes, we offer an app version of the CPD diary. Please search in your app store for ‘Physicians’ CPD and download the version offered by the Royal College of Physicians. 

Is it possible to claim CPD credits for national examining activities?

Yes, it is possible to claim CPD credits for participation in national examining activities. Depending on the activity type this may be claimed as either external or personal credits. Please refer to section 6 of the ‘Notes relating to specific categories of CPD’ in the CPD diary guidelines for further information.

If I am unable to work for an extended amount of time, is there a way to claim credits for this period?

“Exemption credits” may be claimed in exceptional circumstances if you are unable to meet the annual minimum requirements due to illness, maternity leave or a long absence from work.  “Exemption credits” can be added to your CPD credit total so that you meet the minimum credit requirements for that CPD year.  Please note that “exemption credits” only exempt you for the year for which they are claimed. You will need to make up these additional credits with extra credits in years that precede or follow the “exemption” year. Exemption credits can be added through the ‘self-certified entry’ tab of your diary. Please select the subheading ‘exemptions’, add the amount required to meet the minimum credit amount for the year and provide the date range and reason in the text box. 

When does the CPD diary year run and are these diary dates flexible?

The CPD diary runs on an annual cycle, from 1 April to 31 March each year and these dates are not flexible. Usually there will be an advertised grace period after 31 March during which amendments may be made to the previous diary year.

If I miss the cut-off for the CPD diary year, can I re-open my CPD diary to edit or add new entries?

Once a CPD diary year has officially closed it is not possible for it to be re-opened. Once a diary year has closed for editing you may still download your report of any entries made prior to the cut off by accessing the ‘credits achieved’ tab.  You can also print out the appraisal or reflection report for the year concerned, but obviously these will be incomplete.  You can, of course, enter the CPD that has not been entered into your diary directly into your appraisal e-portfolio for this year.  Alternatively we can provide a Word template to list the CPD you have not entered and upload that to your appraisal e-portfolio in addition to the information from your diary.

What are some activities that qualify as CPD?

To view different examples of types of external, internal and personal credit, please refer to Appendix 1, page 9 of the CPD Diary guidelines for Physicians.

Where can I view my annual reports and access certificates from previous diary years?

Once logged into your CPD diary profile you will be able to access your previous diary years via the ‘credits achieved’ tab. From here you can click on your certificate, or you can access other reports by clicking on ‘view year’.

How do I update my details on my CPD diary?

We recommend keeping your diary profile information updated, including such details as your GMC number, registration status or email address. To update your information please contact the CPD team at 

How do I reset my password for my CPD diary profile?

There is a link to reset your password below the login section of the CPD diary portal. Please note that the email link will be sent to whichever email is currently registered against your account. If you do not receive the email link, please contact the CPD team for assistance at

How much does it cost to use the CPD diary?

There is an annual CPD diary subscription fee of £165. Members of the Royal Colleges receive complimentary access to the CPD diary as a membership benefit. For information regarding becoming a member, please contact the membership team at either London, Edinburgh or Glasgow.

How do I register for the CPD diary?

You can register for the CPD diary online. You will need to enter your details so the system can verify if you have previously made an RCP account. If the system has issues verifying your user profile, then please contact the CPD team for further assistance at