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CPD diary overview

We provide an online diary scheme, which facilitates the recording of, and reflection of CPD activities. The tools we provide include the CPD diary itself and the Physicians’ CPD app. This is included as a membership benefit for members/fellows of the three Federation Colleges but is also available to non-members for an annual fee.

The CPD diary is used by consultant physicians, staff and associate specialist physicians, trainee physicians and physician associates to document and reflect upon their CPD activities. The much valued resource is simple to use and complemented by the Physicians’ CPD app. Individuals can use their laptop, PC, smartphone or tablet to update their CPD record wherever they are.

CPD diary guidance for Physicians

These guidelines includes information on:

  • how the CPD diary works (including annual credit recommendations)
  • participation
  • eligibility
  • how to record CPD activities
  • regulations

To access the guidelines please click below:

CPD diary guidelines

CPD diary cycle

The CPD diary runs on an annual cycle, from 1 April to 31 March each year. At the end of each CPD year, you can print or export a PDF of the annual CPD appraisal report certificate detailing your CPD credits. This can be presented at your annual appraisal to demonstrate completion of required CPD.

What happens once the diary year closes?

Unfortunately, once a diary year has closed we are unable to re-open it again to allow you to complete any additional entries and/or reflections. 

CPD recommendations

The GMC requires doctors to carry out CPD that covers the whole scope of their practice, but does not require doctors to record a certain number of credits annually.  The GMC emphasises that at a doctor’s appraisal the quality of the CPD and their reflection on that CPD are particularly important. We believe that providing guidance to physicians about the amount of time that they should devote to their professional development is helpful and also believes that a CPD record that includes an indication of the time a physician has committed to their professional development can be useful for appraisers. We also recognise that some physicians prefer a credit-based approach to CPD. Therefore, we continue to make recommendations regarding the amount of CPD it advises physicians to undertake and for the 2023-24 diary year, the recommendation is that physicians undertake 50 hours of CPD, of which 25 hours should be external CPD, although this is not mandatory.