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Reasonable adjustments

We work to ensure that that no candidate is disadvantaged in their examinations by virtue of their disability. If you have a disability, we may be able to make reasonable adjustments to your examination(s).

Candidates should note that we can only make adjustments to the arrangements, not to the standard, of the assessment. 

Equality Act 2010

You can apply for reasonable adjustments for the following examinations:

  • MRCP(UK) Part 1
  • MRCP(UK) Part 2 Written
  • Specialty Certificate Examinations (SCEs)
  • European Specialty Examinations

Evidence requirements

Specific Learning Difficulties

For candidates with a specific learning difficulty or difficulties, such as dyslexia, you will require a report from a registered chartered educational psychologist or a specialist teacher with a practising certificate, which needs to be undertaken in English after the age of 16. The report should detail the recommended reasonable adjustments for the examination(s).

Other disabilities

For candidates with any other disability or disabilities, you will require written evidence of the disability including the recommended reasonable adjustments for the examination from a medical professional registered with the relevant regulator. All medical evidence must be provided by your registered medical professional (family doctor or treating consultant) and cannot be provided by a relation, friend or colleague.

Any evidence should be on headed note paper and should include the details of the medical professional for verification purposes.

Temporary circumstances and discretionary adjustments

We may be able to make discretionary adjustments to how the examination is delivered for some temporary circumstances, such as broken limbs or pregnancy, and you should complete this form to request these.

However, temporary circumstances that might affect your performance in an examination, such as illness or bereavement, will not be taken into account under this policy. If you need to withdraw from an examination because of such circumstances, please consult our withdrawal regulations.

Breastfeeding and expressing milk - Specialty Certificate Examinations (SCEs)

MRCP(UK) works to support any candidates who will be breastfeeding or will need to express milk during their examination(s).

Candidates who require any adjustments to facilitate breastfeeding or expression of milk should get in touch with MRCP(UK) at their earliest convenience.

For candidates sitting one of the Specialty Certificate Examinations (SCEs), there are some restrictions on adjustments that MRCP(UK) can offer. This is owing to the infection control measures put in place by our delivery partners, Pearson VUE.

Currently, infection control measures and policies mean that the rooms which would normally be available for breastfeeding or expression of milk have to be used to allow all candidates to move through the building in a way that allows appropriate social-distancing. As such, they have advised that space cannot be provided for expression of milk. These infection control measures and policies also stipulate that only those taking an examination or staff working at the centre are permitted on-site during the exam. This means that arrangements for breastfeeding during the exam or in the centre cannot be put in place.

We can ask Pearson VUE to extend your lunchbreak by one hour, which would allow you more time to make alternative arrangements for breastfeeding or expression of milk during the lunchbreak. This may mean that your examination start time will be adjusted to allow for the extended lunchbreak.

If you would like us to pursue this option, please do get in touch and we can ask Pearson VUE if it is possible to implement this at your chosen centre.

Applying for reasonable or discretionary adjustments

We will acknowledge receipt of your application by email. You should receive confirmation of any adjustments no later than two weeks before your examination.

Application deadlines

The form must be submitted by the examination application deadline. Late submissions will not be considered.