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MRCP(UK) PACES Pass Standard

The PACES standard setting group met on Tuesday 28 May 2024 to agree the pass standards for the 2024/02 assessment period.

This pass standard will also apply to candidates in all subsequent assessment periods.

The group, consisting of representatives from the MRCP(UK) Clinical Examining Board and senior examiners from the three physician colleges, advised by external experts, agreed the pass marks for the seven skills and the overall score candidates will need to achieve in order to pass the examination.

The pass standard is outlined in the table below:

SkillPass Mark
A (Physical Examination Skills)16/24
B (Identifying Physical Signs)14/24
C (Clinical Communication Skills)11/16
D (Differential Diagnosis)15/24
E (Clinical Judgement)20/32
F (Managing Patients’ Concerns)10/16
G (Maintaining Patient Welfare)28/32
Overall Pass Mark126/168

Candidates will have to pass all seven skills and achieve a minimum overall score of 126 to pass the examination. This is the same standard that was in place for the 2023/03 and 2024/01 assessment periods.

Results for candidates sitting in the 2024/02 assessment period will be released for UK centres 3 weeks and for International centres between 4 to 6 weeks after the last exam in the respective centre. Please note for centres running on Saturday and Sunday, the results publication deadline will be extended to the following Monday.

MRCP(UK) will continue to monitor the pass rates for PACES and a full standard setting exercise is scheduled to take place in 2027 in accordance with the normal timetable for reviewing pass standards.