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PACES weekly update: 2 November

The following information is correct at the time of writing.

Sitting PACES in the UK this November

We would like to reiterate that, for candidates taking PACES in UK, travel is still permitted for exam purposes.

We will do everything within our control to deliver these exams as planned. Local/regional pandemic or infection control restrictions out with our control may unfortunately result in late cancellation of exams. We realise this is stressful but will aim to communicate as soon as possible if exams will be cancelled.

Release of Examination Results

Last week we reported, that due to the reintroduction of a number of COVID-19 related restrictions, in some regions within the UK, our staff have had increasingly limited access to our offices. In addition there have been logistical issues with some courier services so our intention to deliver exam results within 20 days cannot currently be met. We sincerely apologise for this and are doing everything in our power to release results as soon as possible.

MRCP(UK) is required by the GMC to maintain the current validity, reliability and standard of the exam. We had planned a slight delay before releasing marks. This was to allow us to review results to ensure candidates are neither advantaged nor disadvantaged during this modified PACES examination format.

Provisional Applications

We recognise that some candidates will be awaiting their results when the application period opens for the next PACES diet. In this circumstance, candidates should apply for the next diet and if they subsequently find out that they have passed a full refund will be issued. MRCP(UK) recognises that this requires a financial layout for candidates and we are looking at ways where candidates could apply but delay payment until they know whether they will require a place.

International applications

Applications for our international centres are due to open in mid-late November. COVID-19 uncertainty means we cannot say at present which centres will run. Please visit the MRCP(UK) website for updated information.

MRCP(UK) website

Updated information on the new PACES format is available on the COVID-19 PACES webpage.

Live Twitter chats

Live Q&A sessions about PACES occur on our Twitter account every second Tuesday afternoon at 3pm (GMT). We have included items which have previously come up into our FAQs, so please check the website first.


We are always keen to receive your feedback. If you have specific queries relating to your exam day please contact the exams office at your College of entry.

For other general queries or suggestions please email