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PACES for international candidates

Thank you to all those who have recently reached out to MRCP(UK) about the availability of places for PACES exams in international centres.


We fully acknowledge that the current application process can be frustrating for many, and to improve this we are undertaking an extensive Digital Transformation Programme which we expect will significantly improve the experience of the doctors and candidates whom we serve.

We have been working hard for some time to improve the international PACES waiting list, and the Covid-19 pandemic has exacerbated the problem because it meant that most of our international exams could not be conducted. We are pleased to confirm that our international PACES examination centres have now returned to full capacity, that we have already opened new centres and that we plan to open further new centres this year and next. Please note that MRCP(UK) has already extended candidates' time eligibility and that candidates can apply to up to four centres at a time, to maximise their chances of success in securing a place.

MRCP(UK) is committed to providing ongoing support to all our international candidates and will inform candidates about any recent updates. For further information please visit the PACES FAQs page.