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New Summary of Progression page for Group 2 Specialties - 23 July 2022

We are very pleased to inform that a new Summary of Progression page is now available to the following group 2 specialties:

Allergy, Audiovestibular Medicine, Clinical Genetics, Clinical Neurophysiology, Dermatology, Immunology, Medical Oncology, Medical Ophhalmology, Nuclear Medicine, Paediatric Cardiology, Pharmaceutical Medicine, Rehabilitation Medicine, Sport and Exercise Medicine.

The summary page has been designed to summarise key requirements for each specialty ARCP decision aid. Where applicable, evidence on the ePortfolio will auto-populate and display the information.

Please note that this summary of progression page is only available to trainees who are on the 2021 curriculum and for Allergy, Immunology and Nuclear Medicine you will also be required to be set up on the new training programme.


New ARCP Panel on ePortfolio - 19 March 2022

We are excited to announce this new development is now live. Improvements have been made to incorporate the ARCP Panel process within the ePortfolio. This will give the deanery administrators responsibility to create and manage ARCP Panels on the ePortfolio without needing to contact the ePortfolio support team. This new function will allow the deanery administrators to be fully sufficient in setting up all the ARCPs themselves.

The key functions and benefits are:

  • Deanery administrators no longer need to send request for ARCP reviewer access to the ePortfolio support team
  • Deanery administrators can now create and manage ARCP Panels themselves
  • Panel members linked to the ARCP will automatically get access to review the trainees that are listed on the ARCP
  • Access to the ARCP panel/trainees will be automatically defaulted to 4 weeks prior to the ARCP taking place
  • Panel member access will automatically expire once the ARCP has taken place
  • Deanery administrators will have more flexibility to edit and make changes and set up ARCPs in advance

Please read the user guides for how to set up an ARCP Panel and also for panel members how to access the trainees that are being reviewed.

How to create an ARCP Panel

How to access an ARCP Panel as a Panel Member

New design layout for the Assessment tab - 19 March 2022

A new layout will be introduced to all users. This new format has been designed to make it more user-friendly, simple and easy to use when creating or sending a ticket assessment.

Under the Assessment tab on the ePortfolio, users will have been acustomed to the 'Available Forms' tab and 'Existing Forms' tab which many have experienced difficulty in navigating in finding the right forms to complete.

The new design layout will replace these two tabs and in it's place there will be a simple 'Create Form' button. When this is selected the user will see a list of all the available forms they can complete (role depending) and can create the form or send a ticket.

Please read the guidance that will illustrate the new changes.

New layout to creating assessment forms

New Educational Supervisor's Report (ESR) - now live on e-Portfolio

We are pleased to announce that the new Educational Supervisor's Report is now live on the ePortfolio. This new form will only be applicable to trainee's who are on the 2021 curriculum (for group 2 specialties) with the exception of Infection Training specialties as this will be coming very soon.

The key functions of the new ESR:

  • Specialty specific CiPs which is mapped to the new curriculum
  • Auto-populates the latest Educational Supervisor's ratings and comments made on the curriculum for each CiP
  • Includes the form counts for specialty specific forms (where applicable)

Online Patient Survey Form - now live on e-Portfolio

We are pleased to announce that trainee's will now be able to send a Patient Survey Form to those who request to complete it virtually via the external ticketing process.

Patients will receive an email with a 10-digit code and once the form has been completed, the feedback will be collated and saved anonymously on the e-Portfolio.

Feedback received via paper copies of the forms will need to be collated by the Educational Supervisor.

A minimum of 20 completed forms are required for a valid patient survey and this may be a combination of electronic and paper forms. If all 20 responses are received electronically, then the Educational Supervisor must release the Online Patient Survey Summary Form. If a combination of responses are received both electronically and paper, the Educational Supervisor must release the Online Patient Survey Summary Form and complete the Patient Survey ES Summary Form for paper responses.

New activity feed notification

We are pleased to announce that users will now receive an automated email updating them on their daily activities that has taken place on their ePortfolio account. This includes activities such as changes made to post and programmes, curriculum, forms, updates to user roles, activities associated with forms completed or requested. Users will be able to open/view the form from the activity page on their ePortfolio without having to navigate away from the page and also create/edit forms (if permission allows). Users will have the option to subscribe/unsubscribe from receiving this email notification by updating their communication preference which is located in their profile.

The activity feed notification will be live from Saturday 20 February 2021.

New 'IMT Summary of Progress' video now live

The new ‘Summary of Progress’ page on the ePortfolio means Internal Medicine trainees and supervisors can easily view progress against the requirements set out in the Decision Aid. Here is our helpful video on how it all works.

IMT Summary of Progress

'How to navigate your ePortfolio' video

We have developed a new video to help those in Internal Medicine training use the ePortfolio.

How to navigate your ePortfolio for Internal Medicine training

New ARCP Reviewer role - February 2019

The new ARCP reviewer role replaces the old ARCP assesor role. This new role will be time-limited and access granted by JRCPTB via the deanery administrators.

Key functions of this role are:

  • Read-only
  • Only able to complete and sign off;
    • ARCP form
    • Educational Supervisor's Report
    • Academic Supervisor's Report
    • PYA Report
  • There will a be set time limited access, after which the users access will be revoked automatically
  • It will give the user specific access to the individual trainee (s) account or training programme so that they can review prior to assessment
  • Access to this role will be required each time a user needs to access a trainees account as part of the ARCP reviews

ARCP Reviewer role user guide

General (Internal) Medicine Educational Supervisor's Report - November 2018

The GIM Specialty Advisory Committee (SAC) has produced a new GIM Educational Supervisor’s Report that focuses on the requirements for training in GIM and which should be quick and easy to complete.

All dual specialty trainees are required to provide two Educational Supervisor’s Reports to inform their ARCPs and PYAs: one for their main specialty and one for GIM. Until now the same form has been used to complete both reports, and this was not best suited for giving an account of progress with training in GIM.

This new Educational Supervisor’s Report should now be completed for all trainees who are dual training in GIM.

Please note that this does not apply retrospectively and GIM Educational Supervisor’s Reports in the old format submitted before 9 November 2018 will remain valid.

Trainee self-administration - July 2018

New functionality will allow trainees to self-administer their own ePortfolio. They will be able to add and edit all rotations within their training programme and update their supervisors details by linking them to their post rotations.

Please see the guidance video and step by step user guide below.

Guidance to trainees on self-administration functionality

How to add your training post to the ePortfolio

Hide duplicate curriculum - June 2018

If a trainee has mulitiple duplicate curriculums assigned, this new function allows admins to select which duplicate curriculum to be hidden so further links are not made by trainees. Trainees should be following only one version of the specialty curriculum. The system will now also check if the same version of the curriculum already exists on the trainees account and will not allow duplicate curriculum to be downloaded the trainees account.

Personal Library space - May 2018

The personal library capacity is now unlimited. There will be no restrictions to trainees uploading their files.

Lung Function test portfolio for Respiratory trainees - 29 January 2018

Respiratory trainees can now access the Lung Function test portfolio from the Midlands Thoracis Society website. Please click here to access this. This can be used to meet the curriculum requirement F2. Respiratory Physiology and Lung Function Testing which is available on the ePortfolio in the Respiratory Medicine 2010 (amendments 2014) curriculum.

Respiratory Medicine Logbook template - 14 March 2017

Respiratory Medicine trainees can now record procedures using this template and upload the document to their ePortfolio personal library.

Respiratory Logbook_2017.xlsx

Reflective Practice 'After Event' and R-card form 

The After-event reflection form is a tool developed by the Institute of Reflective Practice. The form can be used as way of recording reflections on learning. The form is available in the Reflective Practice section. An additional tool to aid the reflection process is the R-card which is available to download below with instructions and guidance on how to use both tools.

Reflective Practice After-Event and R card instructions and guidance.pdf