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Update on PACES examination - health questionnaire

MRCP(UK) no longer requires any individual attending a PACES examination centre to complete a health questionnaire or perform COVID testing prior to their attendance.

Standard infection control measures will however remain in place and as a minimum will include strict adherence with hand hygiene guidance and the wearing of face masks. Some centres may require additional measures, and candidates and examiners will be expected to adhere to any additional measures notified to you on the day of the examination.

All attendees are reminded that they should not attend if they are suffering from an infective illness which could pose a risk to others.

Candidates who withdraw on health grounds prior to or before completing the examination will be eligible to a 90% refund in line with section 3.10 of the MRCP(UK) Regulations. Candidates must notify the relevant MRCP(UK)/College Administrative Office within 4 weeks of the examination day, and provide appropriate supporting evidence.