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COVID-19 Antigen testing (Lateral Flow Tests)

MRCP(UK) remains committed to the safety of our patients, candidates, examiners and administrative teams.

Accordingly, we are asking candidates and examiners to undertake COVID antigen testing (Lateral Flow Test or PCR) within 48 hours of attending one of our UK PACES venues in the upcoming diet commencing March 2021. Almost all UK healthcare staff will have access to, and already be undertaking, regular lateral flow tests (LFT). Candidates and examiners attending our UK venues will again be required to fill in a screening health questionnaire in advance of attending the exam. We will now also ask them to declare that they have undertaken COVID-19 antigen testing and to declare the timing and result of this on the questionnaire. Candidates who cannot access LFT should contact, at the earliest opportunity, their College of entry. Examiners who cannot access LFT should also contact the College for which they are examining.

The screening questionnaire will also ask candidates and examiners if they have received vaccination against COVID-19. Vaccination status will not affect entry to the examination.