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I am an overseas trained doctor aiming to work and train the UK, what is the first step?

Training and certification

The Royal College of Physicians London and Royal College of Physicians of Edinburgh Medical Training Initiatives enable international medical graduates to undertake a two year sponsored training fellowship in the UK. 

Access for RCP London International Medical Graduate (IMG) doctors

International medical graduates (IMGs) taking part in the RCP London Medical Training Initiative are eligible to use the JRCPTB ePortfolio for up to two years. IMGs are asked to request access by contacting the RCP International office at

Access for RCP Edinburgh International Medical Graduate (IMG) doctors

International Medical Graduate doctors seeking short-term training in the UK are eligible to use the ePortfolio for  up to two years. To get access to the ePortfolio you must be registered on the RCPE IMG Scheme and be approved by the Royal College of Physicians of Edinburgh IMG team. For further information on the IMG Scheme contact Shona McGlynn or visit the RCPE website.

For permanent posts, direct applications for internal medicine training (IMT) and specialty training posts can be made through the recruitment websites, where guidance is available on demonstrating appropriate competencies and eligibility.

The General Medical Council (GMC) will make a decision on granting you a licence to practice (equivalent to entry of Foundation Year 2) to enable you to take up an appointment in the UK.  For more information on this, please visit the GMC website