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How do I withdraw from an examination?

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Candidates must submit the Withdrawal Request form below (or a letter or email will be accepted) to their administrative office as soon as possible, providing their name, RCP code number and date of birth.

Requests to withdraw can be submitted at any stage up to 48 hours of the examination start time without supporting evidence. Candidates whose withdrawal request is received by this stage will be refunded 60% of the examination fee paid (40% of the fee is retained as an administrative charge).

Refunds will not be provided where candidates request to withdraw after this time and up to start of the examination unless evidence of exceptional circumstances is submitted. In these situations, candidates should contact MRCP(UK) or the relevant college’s administrative office within four weeks after the date of their examination; any outstanding fees must be resolved in order to sit future MRCP(UK) examinations.

For further information please refer to section 3.10 of the MRCP(UK) Regulations/section 2.17 of the SCE Regulations for full details on our withdrawal process.