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Forthcoming changes to Federation clinical leadership

Please be advised of some changes concerning the Executive Medical Director and Medical Director for Training for the Federation.

After six years as Executive Medical Director of the Federation, Dr Gerrard Phillips will demit on 31 October 2024, having completed the maximum term for the role.

At the same time, Dr Mike Jones will demit as Medical Director for Training & Development (JRCPTB), having also fulfilled the term of the role.

In order to maintain continuity in the Federation’s clinical leadership, Mike will take up the post of Executive Medical Director for a fixed period of one year from 1 November 2024. During this time, the Federation board will review and make its decision on the clinical leadership arrangements once Mike’s tenure as EMD comes to an end.

In preparation for Mike’s change of role this autumn, we are recruiting to the post of the Federation Medical Director for Training & Development. Further details of this process, including the role description and person specification can be found here.

Dr Sarah Clarke, RCP President and Chair of the Federation board commented,

The board and I would like to convey our great thanks to both Gerrard and Mike for their enormous contributions to the Federation. Gerrard’s leadership over the last six years, including guiding the Federation through the many challenges presented by the Covid pandemic to examinations and training, has been invaluable to the colleges and the wider medical education community. We are extremely grateful to Mike for taking on the role of Executive Medical Director in the short term and we are fortunate to have someone of his experience and insight to help lead the Federation once Gerrard’s term comes to an end.

Dr Mike Jones added,

It has been an honour and privilege to act as MD for Training & Development over the past six years. I am sure my successor will be delighted to join such a talented and supportive team in JRCPTB. I am delighted to be able to take up the role of EMD for one year. Gerrard has provided steadfast leadership and support for me and the entirety of Federation, throughout my time in post and I certainly am aware of the enormous debt that is owed to him for this. The phrase ‘extremely difficult act to follow’ is overused but is absolutely appropriate here.       

Finally, Dr Umesh Dashora’s term as Associate Medical Director for CPD comes to an end in June. We wish to thank Umesh for his invaluable contribution to the team over the past 18 months.

If you have any questions about these changes, please contact the team here.