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Charging for MRCP(UK) Appeals from 2024/02 diet

The Federation of the Royal Colleges of Physicians of the UK is introducing an administrative fee for all appeals concerning MRCP(UK) examinations, starting from the 2024/02 diet for PACES in June 2024.

This will be a fee of £165 and will be introduced for Part 1, Part 2 Written, PACES, SCE and European Examinations. We wish to highlight that where an appeal is successful, this fee will be refunded in full in addition to any other actions. No charges will be made for any ongoing appeals or examinations sat prior to the 2024/02 diet.

It was originally agreed in principle in 2019, however implementing a fee for appeals, similar to the majority of other Royal Colleges and other postgraduate examination providers, was suspended due to the pandemic. In 2023, 93% of appeals were not upheld and 49% of all submitted appeals had clear ‘no grounds’ for appeal.

Appeals are only considered to have ‘grounds for appeal’ should there be evidence of a procedural irregularity in the delivery of the examination or exceptional circumstances affecting the candidate on the day where they have not had an opportunity to withdraw from the examination itself. Questioning examiner judgement for example, is deemed to be ‘no grounds’.

Candidates are reminded to thoroughly review the regulations before submitting an appeal to ensure that there are grounds for their appeal. Once payment has been verified by either PayPal or WorldPay then the appeals process will begin and refunds will only be granted for successful appeals. Further information on our regulations is available here.