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Change to Limited Attempts Policy and Seven-Year Eligibility Period for MRCP(UK) Candidates

Following the recent change to the Limited Attempts Policy for candidates taking the MRCP(UK) examinations, and a review of the related regulations, we have now removed the 7-year eligibility period for candidates to complete the Diploma after passing Part 1.

This will apply to candidates:

  • who passed Part 1 in the 2013/02 diet or later,
  • whose eligibility periods were extended in response to the pandemic,
  • and who have not passed either Part 2 Written or PACES.

Candidates in this position will no longer have to repeat Part 1 if they fail to complete Part 2 Written and PACES within 7 years. The Limited Attempts policy will now be prioritised, and candidates will no longer be permitted to continue with the Diploma if they exceed six attempts at any examination.

Candidates who passed Part 1 in the 2013/01 or earlier and did not complete the Diploma within seven years, will be expected to take Part 1 again and the other examinations, in accordance with the regulations that were in place at that time.